3D Rendering and Exporting tool

The purpose of this tool is to render 3D objects produced by the platform in order to help the user observe the results. 

There is also the ability to export a copy of a model ready for 3D printing which also supports transparency.
The user can manipulate the position, rotation and scale of the object as he wants and also change the position of the lights present in the scene.
The manipulation is done using the mouse as in many 3D viewers in the industry. There are also options regarding the rendering of the object, changing the appearance of the object.
More specifically the user can select whether he wants to render or not the Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Roughness textures, observing the geometry of the surface.
Many objects may be composed from different layers which are not visible from outside. There is also an option to highlight a certain layer, by rendering all the others transparent, making the observation of inner layers possible.
The object export option makes the user select an area which he wants to be printed transparent by the 3D printer. The area selected gets different diffuse texture values which is interpreted by the printer as transparent material. Finally a destination folder for export is selected and a copy of the model with the modified textures is saved there.