The Scan4Reco Concept in a nutshell

What is Scan4Reco

With the aim to deliver a multi-modal and multi-discipline platform that will be able to non-destructively scan a big variety of object of cultural heritage ranging from paintings to bronze sculptures and reliefs, silver alloy jewellery, wax sculptures, glasses, etc., Scan4Reco will introduce a novel and innovative approach for the scientific and wider community that will enable the processing of multi-sensorial input in such a way that will produce a hierarchical, multi-layered and multidimensional complete model of the object of interest. Scan4Reco will also combine the object of interest with inter-disciplinary knowledge derived from the web and specific relevant datasets while at the same time provide it with an automatic inference of its forthcoming state/shape in the future.

Conceptual Architecture of the Scan4Reco ProjectConceptual Architecture of the Scan4Reco Project


The major conceptual blocks of the Scan4Reco vision are listed below:

  • Multispectral scanning of the cultural objects via the utilization of multi-modal sensing devices
  • Multimodal fusion of the signals derived by the multi-sensorial scanning platform for material and stratigraphy identification
  • Creation of a multi-material and multi-color paintings pallet for the investigation of their physiochemical properties (via measurements of the multi-sensorial platform) before and after controlled and artificial ageing
  • Rendering and 3D reconstruction and VR model generation
  • Environmental context-aware, 4D (i.e. spatiotemporal) simulation
  • Decision support and visualization tools for the prevention of the cultural objects degradation concerning both the restored state of them (i.e. backwards in time) and the deterioration that takes place due to the environmental conditions
  • Spatiotemporally parameterized visual representation/3D printing of the reconstructed object for the direct and holistic assessment or demonstration of the current conservation or educational method, respectively. Continuous adaptations based on the monitoring input and the results of the decision support tools
  • A virtual museum for raising public awareness
By Whom

Scan4Reco consortium is a European Consortium formed in order to facilitate the socially significant, scientifically challenging and interdisciplinary issue of documentation, conservation, preservation and restoration of objects of cultural heritage. To fulfil those challenges, Scan4Reco consortium has been shaped in order to ensure a wide participation of European key players in the topics addressed by the project, such as Research Institutes, Universities, SMEs and recognized end users organizations such as museums, restoration institutes, etc., which provide high competence and expertise objectives in scientific, technological and conservation-related areas. In particular, it consists of 9 partners from 6 European countries and represents in a good balance all key actors in the trustworthy domain and the key topics addressed by the project (i.e. multi-sensorial scanning, physiochemical ageing models extraction, VR simulation, reconstruction, 3D printing, visualization, conservation oriented DSS, etc.).


The project started on the 1st of October 2015 and will last 3 years.